French Onion Soup

It’s hard for me to write up a list of ingredients and amounts because I am always adding a dash of this a dash of that!

Soup Ingredients:

5 sweet onions

8 cups of beef broth (2 cartons) I tried one low sodium and 1 regular but I ended up just adding more salt

1 tablespoon of minced garlic

1 cup of dry white (I used a Pinot grigio)

1 tablespoon of Earth Balance (vegan butter substitute)

1 teaspoon of lemon pepper 🍋

1 tablespoon of sugar

1 tablespoon of spicy balsamic – I get mine from Sotto Voce in Pike place called Aceto Balsamico and I will never stop

1 teaspoon of Worcestershire

Here is where the magic began- sweet onions sliced and Earth Balance sautéed on low for 20 minutes. I used this instead of butter to try tone down some of it’s indulgent factor. Then combined the rest of the above ingredients. This continued to cook in my crock pot on low heat for the next 7 hours stirring occasionally.

Soup additions

Shredded Beecher’s Flagship cheese (however much you desire)

Swiss Cheese slices

Seattle Sourdough Baking Company  was kind enough to send me an assortment of their bread to try out and share what I made. The Water Front Sourdough was one of my favorites. It was classic as you would want your sourdough- rustic and soft. I used my biscuit cutter to make small circles (best center part) to fit in my lion bowls! I lightly toasted these with Earth Balance.

Layer One: Lightly toasted Waterfront Sourdough 

Layer Two: Shredded Flagship Beecher’s Cheese

Layer Three: Simmered Onions and broth

Layer Four: More bread & cheese

Layer Five: Slice o’ Swiss

Layer Six: Broiled for 3.5 minutes for that perfect crunch in my lion bowls

🔊 Sound on to hear the beauty –

Overall I am happy with how this turned out and I plan to make it again. I made two and decided to freeze the other and cover it with foil. I just had to bake it and it was good as new!

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