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Society19 showed me some love in October 2019 for my FoodieFarin Instagram Page featured in “Top 5 Foodies to Follow in Seattle” by Mackenzie Jaquish.

#4 Seattle Foodie Farin (@foodiefarin) Look for a foodie that can not only take great photos of food, but she can also cook the food. I know! Farin can do everything and anything that involves a stove. Farin also knows the ins and outs of Seattle’s restaurants. Starting out as a website and social media rep for Seattle known restaurants she learned what was good and what wasn’t as good. This got her started sharing her opinions on Instagram for everyone to read and see what awesome food she was getting to try.

“I wanted to share the beautiful food that I eat everywhere so that others can eat with their eyes and get the chance to see what’s actually on a menu instead of just reading it.” – Farin

Check out her page if you’re looking for recipes, cooking tips or a great place to eat if you’re looking to go out. Seriously though, this girl can make a box of pizza look gourmet.

Seattle Met  I used to take photos for Pomerol Restaurant in Fremont. It is still one of my favorite restaurants with a PNW twist on classic French food. I took this photo of their confit chicken wings (still on the menu) and it was featured in the Seattle Met “Insider’s Guide to November 2016 Dine Around Seattle”. 

Pomerol recently has a new owner as of 2019 who is keeping a few of the same menu items but adding a new flair.

Seattle’s BestFoodFeed I was occasionally featured in Seattle’s BestFoodFeed, where they take food photos from Instagram accounts and repost them. They have a BestFoodFeed for most of the big cities in the United States and even internationally. They started off Instagram based but started focusing more on articles online.