SRW at Grappa

It’s always a treat to have Grappa so close to my place. I went for the first night of Seattle Restaurant Week on Sunday, October 15th and it lasts until Thursday, November 2nd. There are over 165 Seattle restaurants participating offering 3 course meals for $33. This is considered a steal at some of the restaurants listed and it gives you a chance to try new places. I got to sit at my favorite seat by the window. This time it was dark and cozy with lit candles everywhere, compared to my August Summer dinner. Their restaurant week menu definitely represented the Fall season.

Mixed Green Autumn Salad: Served with Pumpkin dressing, squash, cranberries, and pickled red onions. This was the perfect fall salad, everything worked well together and gave me yet another way to use pumpkin. YUM!

Roasted Cauliflower: Served with chimmichurri, garbanzo beans, orange zest and pepitas. This completely vegan dish was packed with flavor.Roasted Rack of Lamb: Served medium rare with roasted veggies. This was served smaller than their regular rack of lamb portion and the server was fair to disclose this prior to ordering. I felt it was just enough considering a 3 course meal. Seafood Risotto: lobster bisque, smoked salmon, prawns. I have had this multiple times and it is always consistent. Creamy and smoky with the perfect risotto texture. With watching as many cooking shows as I have you tend to know that risotto can become tricky when it comes to the cook.

Tiramisu: As the name states, creamy, coffee, lady fingers…..mmm delicious Pumpkin Creme Brûlée: Imagine your morning pumpkin spice latte in creme brûlée form, that is whats up!

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