Potato Risotto Recipe

Serves 8 as side dish or under protein. We did halibut & asparagus.

2 pounds gold potatoes diced finely-your ideal risotto shape

1 yellow/white onion or 3 shallots- your preference

1/2 cup Heavy cream or whipping cream- pre whip

2 tablespoons Butter-softened at room temp

2 3/4 cups of stock- chicken or veggie

If you plan to do this recipe you really need a large pan and if you do not have a large pan I strongly advise you to cut this recipe in half.

  1. Sauté onions/shallots until translucent in butter on medium heat
  2. Add diced potatoes
  3. Add stock
  4. Add Splash of your favorite hot sauce-I prefer Tabasco
  5. Reduce heat slightly and cover for 5 minutes- if you need to stir- STIR
  6. Remove cover and bring heat back to medium, reduce for 10 min
  7. Continue to reduce as necessary
  8. Serve under your choice of protein and side of veg
  9. Or do whatever the hoot you want to do- just enjoy it
  10. My favorite addition no matter the main is- is aged balsamic or balsamic glaze ❤

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