Sunday Funday at North Star Diner

Sundays are always a little hard for me, but eating and good company can cheer me up! One of my best friends Kryspin and I decided to treat ourselves with some delicious treats. North Star Diner is such an interesting and cozy place. It is connected to a bar called The Shanghai Room. The location used to be a Chinese restaurant called Yen Wor Garden. When North Star took over in 2013 they kept the same theme but added their funky spin to the decor and menu. I would describe it as a Chinese spaceship diner. The wall is filled with old pictures of astronauts, the seats are sparkly gold that scream 50’s diner, and it’s open 24/7. They serve what seems to me as American comfort food. I really enjoyed the atmosphere including the friendly server and great music. Everything was fairly priced and we went at happy hour so all of our “snacks” were $2 off. (Not including tomato soup or shake)

Boozy Strawberry Shake: what could be a better combo? Ice cream and sailor Jerry’s did the job. This didn’t just taste like a strawberry shake with rum. There were actual fireworks coming out of my mouth. Okay there wasn’t but you get what I’m saying! It worked well together. Plus there were actually strawberries blended up in the shake and always dig fresh flavors.

Cup of tomato basil soup: I know we are totally random with our menu choices but the stomach wants what it wants! This soup was exactly what I wanted it to be. Packed full of tomato creamy goodness.

Cheesy fries: These fries were super cheesy as you can see but actually also crispy. Which is exactly what I look for in a fry, crispiness. I dipped a few in my tomato soup and I was glad I did.

French toast Sticks: Just as the description says “Fluffy Challa” French toast strips deep fried. They were so fluffy! I almost died. Perfect portion for a guilty pleasure.

Vegan buffalo wings: Instead of chicken this was deep fried cauliflower and it did not disappoint. I am infamous for loving my hot chicken wings but I may have found a new craving. They did a great job keeping these crispy like wings should be with a tasty moist inside.

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